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Soothing Bean Bags

Who says you have to settle for a couch or chair? Soothing Bean Bags over-sized stuffed sofa bean bag chairs are a nice alternative. They offer squishy comfort that is oh-so-soothing and are easy to pick up and move to your favorite spot. You may have thought bean bag furniture were just for kids, but even adults will reap the rewards of these versatile and colorful beanbags. Bet you didn't know how many different options you have! Virtually every size, color and type of foam bean bag you could ever imagine can be found here at the Soothing Company. Even the family pet can enjoy a pet bean bag bed.

Take a look at these great bean bag styles and find one for everyone in your family! Soothing Bean Bags has:

  • Small, medium, large and extra large bean bag chairs. You’ll find bean bag chairs for two, over sized bean bag chairs, pillow bean bags, and different materials from velvety to soft leather and cloth.
  • Sofa bean bags are big enough for the family, depending on the length. Cozy enough for couples, kids and parents, teens and dogs, and certainly big enough to take a comfortable nap.
  • Kids bean bag chairs are especially made for children. Toddler ages up to teens will love dragging their bean bag chair from the bedroom to the living room. Colorful bean bag furniture make them even more fun. Some of our soothing bean bag chairs for kids are even shaped like a dice, flowers, or moon and star bean bag pillows. Sports Beanbags include tennis, soccer, football, baseball and basketball bean bag chairs.
  • Ottoman bean bags make charming footrests or a nice lounger to really chill out in fashion!
  • Pet bean bag beds come in different sizes for small to large dogs. Give doggy a soothing pet bean bag bed and he’ll gladly wag his tail in appreciation.
  • Foam furniture is like a bean bag chair, but made of foam as the name suggests. If you have to sleep on the floor, a foam bean bag chair will be a godsend!
  • Bean bag accessories include bean bag chair covers and foam filling. Once you wear out your bean bag chair from sitting in it so much, you can enjoy it all over again by getting a bean bag cover to make it look new again!

Soothing Bean Bag furniture last a long time, so you can live in them and enjoy them despite frequent wear. These bean bag chairs are so comfortable; you may find yourself drifting off for a nice afternoon snooze. The nice part about them – aside from their fun, laid-back bean bag style – is that bean bag chairs can be shifted to your body proportions instead of being fixed in one unmovable position. They feel good all over and make you laugh, which is why the Soothing Company offers foam bean bags for relaxing anywhere!

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